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Neil Patrick Marsh


Welcome, Everyone!

Hello everyone and welcome to my personal rest stop on the Information Superhighway. Glad you saw it in time to pull over. It's not a bad place, I think. The restrooms are clean and the area is patrolled often enough to keep out the really nasty elements of society, but I'm afraid the vending machines only contain bottled water and Skor bars. Still, there's plenty of room to hang out and lots of reading material. You can even take a hike along different paths if you like. They're over there, on the left. Some will take you to areas where you will learn about me and my audio, video and music skills, hobbies and other interests. Others will lead you to quaint little spots with details about me and my wife, Beckie. And still others will force you to trek through reams of poems, short stories and samples of my music (you can even buy my music now!). No, not as exciting as Napster or Playboy.com, but certainly more appealing than some of the things on the Net these days (I can provide you with URLs if you don't believe me).

So, here it is. I hope you get something out of what you see. If you do -- or even if you don't -- and you want to comment on my site, please sign my Guestbook. You can leave private entries if you like, or air your opinions for all to see.

Happy hiking!

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