July 27-29, 2001

The Gang - Part 1

The Gang - Part 2

Brenda (The 42nd Doctor)

The gang is deeply immersed in Tom Baker's Parisian antics in "City of Death".

As you can see, everyone is deeply enthralled watching the 4th Doctor and Romana save the world from a spaghetti-headed alien.

This is Brenda (The_42nd_Doctor). That expression isn't normal for her, she's really very effervescent. I think she needs an iced coffee.

Edan (Bozzie)

Becky (Anji-Kapoor)

Bill Shawcross

"Neil, don't you dare take my picture or I'll infect your PC with a nasty virus that will subject you to endless WAV files of the theme from "Small Wonder!"

This is Edan (Bozzie). The virus has yet to show up, but I'm prepared...I've already alerted the folks at Norton.

Becky (Anji-Kapoor) is looking for a good book to read. Maybe she should turn around. Smiley Face

Bill Shawcross was our gracious host, allowing us to use his spacious apartment with two magnificent TV venues, several DVD players and tons of things to watch. Thanks Bill!

Dinner at New Asia

The Gang - Part 3

Brenda Again

The gang breaks for dinner at New Asia, one of the area's local Chinese chains. The food all around was exceptional that weekend and everyone seemed very happy with the choices. My favorite dish that night was the Singapore Noodles with Seafood.

The gang heads back up to Bill's for more videos.
L to R: Tom (TomFODW), Edan (Bozzie), Becky (Anji-Kapoor), Eva (WhiteQueen) and Brenda (The 42nd Doctor).

Brenda is being very patient with all the photos I'm taking. She slugged me hard in the shoulder after this one, though. Smiley Face

Becky (Anji-Kapoor) and Eva (WhiteQueen)

Brunch @ the S&S

The Gang - Part 4

Becky and Eva (WhiteQueen) snub the cameraman after a long night of food and videos. Hey, I'm only doing my job!

Ah, after a good night's rest the gang brunches at the S&S Deli. Eggs benedict, cheese blintzes, lox and pancakes. Yum!

The gang pauses for more pics in Harvard Square.
L to R: Brenda, Becky, Tom and Edan.

Eva (WhiteQueen)

Becky (Anji-Kapoor)

Brenda (The 42nd Doctor) and Becky (Anji-Kapoor)

Eva rockin' hard.

Becky reposes on a couch afer a long day of tramping through Harvard Square and buying books.

Brenda poses with Becky for one last photo before she heads for the airport. Bye! Come back again next year!

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