If you're someone I know and you don't see your link here,
let me know and I'll decide if you're cool enough to appear here! Smiley Face

A. C. Chapin

One of the many cool people involved in "Time Rift", she's a very talented writer,too!

Alden Bates

My favorite Kiwi (and #drwhochat resident)


The Empress of the Night: she knows the Indy dance scene like nobody else

Becky Dowgiert

Talented Doctor Who fanfic writer, web-designer & photographer

Becky R (inactive)

Becky's Comfort Zone: one of the many denizens of #drwhochat on IRC

Bjorn Lynne

A really cool guy with a lot of music and sounds available on his website. Thanks to Bjorn, I was able to turn out CyberMix! (check it out on my Music Files page...)

Brenda Shaw

#drwhochat's The_42nd_Doctor

Chris Chiesa

The Magnificent Xetwnk! Once in a great while you meet someone whom you will remember for the rest of your life -- Chris is definitely one of these, but whether that's a good thing or not is another matter

Darrin Snider

My best friend from Indiana -- check out his Darkwatch Keep

Dave, Dallice & Julian

Cool friends from Indiana -- now in Seattle -- whom I miss terribly.

Dave Speakman

Quiddity: he's Davodd, need I say more?

Dr. Bill Nothstine

My college Dr. Who club's adviser and a cool guy (oh yeah, and his cat, Maude, too!)

Dr. Jack L. Beven

The WeatherMan!

Elizabeth Ward (inactive)

ElizWeb -- Great on-line friend and reader from my wedding

Eva Jacobus

Hard to describe this one, but she's someone you'll never forget once you meet her!

Felicity Kusinitz

Another Boston-area friend met via Doctor Who -- she collects Barbies

Gordon Dempster

Gordon's DW site -- yes, he's another #drwhochat person. You got a problem with that?

Greg McElhatton

Another "Time Rift" person, but a very cool guy in his own right

J. Garth Wilcox

Dark Side of the Animus: Website of The Celestial Wholigans -- JGW is just one more of the insane minds from #drwhochat

James & Erin Bow

Great Dr. Who fanfic writers

Jamie Lawson

Doctor Who fan writer -- check out Sailbourne Cattery, Jamie's pedigreed Japanese Bobtails!

Janet Eaton

The Hodgepodge Page: The resident "mom" of #DrWhoChat

Jennifer Wand

An exceptionally-talented woman, especially in the area of voice acting

Judy Markworth (inactive)

The Marked Worth of Music: Judy was one of the first people I met on-line when I was beginning my work with computer music

Julia Ziobro

A friend from my days on and another Weight Loss Surgery success story - lots of cool new stuff on her site

Kate Orman/Jon Blum

Two amazing writers (known for their work on the BBC's Doctor Who book line) and, frankly, just a couple of very good friends

Keff McCulloch

Another of my favorite "Dr. Who" composers

Lyss' Insanity Lair

One more cool person from #drwhochat -- personal page/fanfic repository

Mark Ayres

A great composer, best known for his work on the last few years of Doctor Who

Mark Sachs

Special FX designer for "Time Rift", now working for a game design firm in Illinois

Mark & Michelle Stratton

Probably the best D&D player I ever had. Great friend from my college days.

Mike Roth

One of my college friends makes his way in the Net publishing business with Oberon Publishing

Nicole Yates

Yet another #drwhochat member


She's Ratsy. Worship her!

Renee Ackerman (inactive)

One of the people who convinced me of the benefits of Weight Loss Surgery and inspired me to take the plunge

Rusty Shock

Rusty's imaginative take on a possible series based on the popular Halloween movies

Steph Mineart

Another friend from college and her insights into the world via her Commonplace Book

Tim Rush (inactive)

Spaced Out! A Doctor Who page from another denizen of the IRC #drwhochat.

Trina L. Short

One more #drwhochat person and her Page Fillers, Inc. site

Whomiga Times

Our friend Whomiga from #drwhochat and his Doctor Who pages

Sydney F

My friend Kitty's Male Breast Cancer Awareness page.