Neil & Beckie

Beckie HunterBECKIE*

Born September, 1959, Beckie is the middle of three daughters born to Rev. Richard & Mrs. Sara Hunter of Ravena, NY. Beckie studied psychology and economics at Smith College in Northampton, MA and subsequently moved to Boston, where she now works as the benefits manager for a large Boston law firm.

Beckie's activities include serving as Moderator of the First Congregational Church of Somerville, MA, where she also sings in the choir and participated for many years in the running of the First Friday at First Church Coffeehouse. She loves figure skating, folk music, Chinese & Thai food, and good old-fashioned Southern BBQ. Check out our Faves Page for more details!


Photo: "New Kitty" curls upVANNA T KITTYGIRL*
(felinus poofius)

Long-haired Turkish Van.

Vanna (not named for the lovely woman of letter-turning fame) was found roaming the neighborhood of East Cambridge in July of 1998. The vet says she is probably 8 or 9 years old and in excellent health. After keeping her isolated for a few days until her tests came back, she was introduced to Duke. Despite our fears that Duke would shred her like yesterday's newspaper, he seemed pretty nonchalant about the whole affair. Vanna is the cuddliest cat we've seen; a rare one who enjoys tummy rubs. She "chirps" rather than meows and eats daintily, just like the princess she thinks she is. She also loves to chase Neil's laser pointer.

How anyone could have abandoned such a beautiful, not to mention rare and expensive, cat is beyond us. Oh well, their loss, our gain.


Photo: Winston sleeps through the cracks...WINSTON BOOBEAR*
(fradius cattus)

Long-haired tabby.

Winston came to live with us after a friend at MIT was faced with getting rid of him or being evicted. At first we took him in just to find him a home, but we quickly fell in love with the big guy and now he's a part of our family. He's about 16 years old and, while affectionate much of the time, he is equally skittish and will zip past you like lightning or bound away at the merest sound. Still, he's a sweet little fellow who loves tuna and tummy rubs. We added the nickname "BooBear" because he is easily scared, but is a big lovable bear of a cat anyway. :)


In Loving Memory

Photo: DukeDUKE*
(dukus cattus)

Domestic short-haired tiger.

Born September 1982, Duke and his sister Kitty were rescued from a flea market in Somerville, MA. While Kitty was alive, Duke was renowned for his ornery disposition and crankiness caused by FUS (feline urinary syndrome). After Kitty went on to the big sandbox in the sky (August '93), Duke mellowed considerably -- adopting many of Kitty's more peaceful behaviors -- and became a contented lap cat. He survived the introduction of a mate for his human "housekeeper" and the advent of an interloper when Vanna came to live with him.

Sadly, however, Duke became ill in mid-autumn of 1998 and passed away with little fanfare on November 29th while in the care of his adopted parents, Neil & Beckie. He was 16.

He was buried in a quiet little corner of a wooded lot behind the house of Beckie's parents in Upstate New York.

He is deeply missed.