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Short Stories

Laramie Mourning

A Doctor Who short story featuring the 8th Doctor and Sam Jones.

June 25th Isn't On My Calendar

A romantic Doctor Who short story I wrote for Beckie in 1994.


The Adventures of Mr. Qui

A humorous piece of Doctor Who fiction that my friend Darrin Snider and I wrote in 1993; the point was to include the title of every episode of the series, plus a few extras.

The Journals of Rainier

Darrin's infamous diary of Rainier, Lunch-Time Lord.


Broken Mind

A beautiful little story that Beckie wrote for me early in our relationship after she learned about my depression.



My ever-growing set of Doctor Who haikus.

Future Time

A poem I wrote for Beckie shortly before I moved from Indy to Boston to be with her.

Other Stuff

Top Ten

After arriving in the Boston area, the folks at Beckie's church had a little welcoming bash for me and serenaded me with this list of Top Ten Reasons People From Indianapolis, Indiana Move To Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Short Stories | Humor | Inspirational | Poetry | Other Stuff