aka NeilCon


In late July of 2001 I held the first of what I hope will be a series of annual events which invited members from the DALnet IRC channel #DrWhoChat to Boston. We ate at all sorts of nifty places, saw all sorts of sites, stayed up late like we were kids again and watched videos 'till our eyes almost melted!

For some unfathomable reason, Tom Beck started calling the event "NeilCon", then everyone else on #DrWhoChat started calling it that. I finally gave up and let them have their fun. So don't blame the name on any over-inflated ego you think I might have. :)

Below are links to some choice photos from both years of the event. Enjoy!

NeilCon I:
July 27-29, 2001

NeilCon II:
July 19-21, 2002