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Beckie @ 2 years
Ravena, NY -- 1961

Here are the obligatory baby pictures. Frankly, Beckie was a cutie. Here she is at the age of two and already you can tell she's a charmer!

Neil @ 1 month
Indianapolis, IN -- 1965

On the other hand...

This is Neil at the ripe old age of one month. Notice the vacuous expression on his face. Ah yes, some things never change. Smiley Face

Utah Trip Collage
Salt Lake City & Moab, UT -- 1973

A collage of photos from a trip Neil took to Utah/Arizona/Nevada.  The left two were taken at the rock cliffs north of Salt Lake and the right was taken at Arches National Park in southern Utah.

Neil with Synth in HS Marching Band
Indianapolis, IN -- 1982

A photo of me from his senior year in high school, where he played a Moog Liberation synthesizer in the Warren Central Gold Brigade marching band.

Neil as the 12th Doctor
Indianapolis, IN -- 1986

From Neil's early days as a "Doctor Who" fan.  Here he is as the 12th Doctor at InConJunction, a regular Indianapolis SF&F convention.

Neil with Whoosier Network Gang
Indianapolis, IN -- 1990

One of the many pizza party gatherings held by the Whoosier Network "Doctor Who" club, which Neil co-founded in 1985.

Neil at RIley Hospital
Indianapolis, IN -- 1993

Neil in his second year as a staff member of Riley Hospital for Children's Child Life Department.  He worked as a Technical Assistant at the hospital's in-house cable TV station, JWR-TV.

Neil & Beckie @ the Zoo
Indianapolis, IN -- 1994

Neil and Beckie enjoy a day at the Indianapolis Zoo during her second visit after their on-line courtship began.

Neil with Newborn Jeffrey Lee
Indianapolis, IN -- 1994

Neil had the privilege of being the first friend to hold Jeffery Lee, son of his friends Rick Lee and Julie Kyle-Lee.

Neil & Beckie at Church for Easter
Somerville, MA -- 1995

Neil's first Easter in Boston with Beckie.  Here they are standing in the chancel at First Congregation Church of Somerville.

Vanna on a Guest
Cambridge, MA -- 1998

Vanna makes herself comfortable on a guest's lap.

Winston Sleeping on Beckie
Cambridge, MA -- 1998

Winston, in one of his rare bold moments, manages to snag a few winks in Beckie's lap.

Vanna & Winston
Cambridge, MA -- 1999

Vanna and Winston agree to share the couch, but she insists on keeping a distance.

Winston & Vanna
Cambridge, MA  -- 2000

OK, they'll share the bed as well, but the restraining order applies there too.

Cambridge, MA  -- 2000

Winston likes to sleep flat on his back sometimes. He's strange like that.

Winston & Vanna
Cambridge, MA  -- 2000

These are a nice pair of before and after pics of Winston. He looks so peaceful in the top one, then he's giving me that "Aw, Dad, you're embarassing me!" look.

Neil, E and Jason
Washington, DC -- 2000

That's Neil with Beckie's sister, Elizabeth, and her husband, Jason. In this photo he had lost about 150 pounds following gastric bypass surgery in April.

Beckie on the Bench
Colorado Springs, CO -- 2000

Beckie spends a quiet moment on the Broadmoor Skating Club of Colorado Springs' Memorial Bench, which was erected to honor the memory of the 1961 US World Figure Skating team. The entire team perished in a plane crash outside of Brussels, forever altering the course of US figure skating history.

Beckie @ Nubble Light
York Harbor, ME -- 2000

Beckie poses with Nubble Light in the background. She and Neil enjoyed Thanksgiving with her parents at the Stage Neck Inn in York, Maine.

Neil & Winston
Cambridge, MA  -- 2001

Neil just can't resist taking a moment to hold Winston for a pose. He's such a silly boy. Smiley Face

Neil in His Studio
Cambridge, MA  -- 2001

Neil takes a break from working in his studio to smile for the camera.

Winston on the Floor
Cambridge, MA  -- 2002

Winston in the midst of a catnip high.